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Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)

Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
Ferry terminal, Tanger (Morocco)
To the east of Tangier the Moroccan state has built a deep water port opposite Gibraltar. Here it has established an industrial park, and a ferry terminal for both travellers and trade vehicles. A high speed train station completes the infrastructure.

Straight away a splendid panorama emerges, where the forms of the swelling seas meets a topography reshaped by massive infrastructures.
In order to impose on this dramatic setting where the water, the mountain and human undertaking measure up, the terminal needs to reconstitute to its advantage the relationships maintained by these three elements.
This new combination will manifest itself straightforwardly.
What are the relationships between the terminal and the three components of the landscape ?

  • The terminal is literally and figuratively shaped by water :
    o Literally : its covering, its main façade, is constituted by a great surface of water (15 000 m²) which merges into the horizon of the marine plateau. This captured horizon is where one comes from, where one is going.
    o Figuratively : the interior of the station is rendered liquid by the play of natural light which comes delicately to life through contact with the water. The glimmer of the sun is filtered by the plane of water covering the windows of the roof. It is also reflected by the pools placed on the periphery of the building.
  • The ferry terminal is a natural step between the mountain and the level of the sea.
  • The terminal intensifies the existing infrastructure :
    It concentrates and harbors the rail and road network with a sole entity :
    o The train station is covered by the large roof. A train penetrating a luminous structure is a fundamental experience of railway architecture.
    o The road born vehicle station (for taxis, buses and private cars), is sheltered too.
    There is no station without the spectacular presence of machines

Client : TMSA
Site : Tanger (Morocco)
Competition : october 2007
Surface area : 9 114 m²
cost : 9 M€