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Vaugirard’s master plan, Paris

Vaugirard's master plan, Paris
Vaugirard's master plan, Paris
Vaugirard's master plan, Paris
The site of 2.30 hectares is occupied by maintenance buildings for the RATP metro line 12. The plot is part of a very large urban block and it is an enclave with few facades on the adjoining streets.

The redevelopment objectives are :

  • To maintain the RATP industrial activities within the dense historical city.
  • The reorganization of the industrial activities and the construction of new workspace for the RATP.
  • To add value to the site by the construction of housing.

The urban plan includes :

  • The creation of a new Parisian street connecting two existing alleys. It is bent and its main branch is prolonged into a pedestrian walkway which runs the whole length of the site. The street and the path open up the urban block and connect the site to the surrounding urban fabric.
  • The clarification of the urban structure : the new buildings line the street and urban perspectives are added to make this large industrial site an integral part of the city.
  • A better access to the industrial site : the new entrance is set on the new street and reaches directly the center of the site.
  • The construction of new residential buildings : 20 000 m² on a first phase and 13 000 m² on a second one. Most of them are built over industrial workshops.
  • The construction of 13 000 m² of industrial workshops for the RATP.

Client : SEDP
Site : 222-224 rue de la Croix de Nivert, Paris (75)
Delivred : may 2014
Surface area : 2.30 hectars